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Been somewhat busy as of late working on two more manuscripts.

The Harmony Paradox, a sequel to Virtual Immortality came out at 233k words and is currently in beta reading. The events of that story resume eight months after the end of VI, following Nina, Joey, Kenny, Katya, and Masaru.

Struggling still to come to terms with what she has become, Nina adopts an orphan girl after a soul-crushing investigation in hopes of clinging to her humanity. She draws a seemingly-routine case that goes deeper than she initially suspects.

Joey is settling in to his new role as a network analyst for Division 9. He discovers not all is as he believed in regards to the AI he believed he’d destroyed, and a desperate plea from the sister he can’t stand sets his life on an unexpected course.

With his wife clear of drugs and home, Kenny is looking forward to a few years of calm to be with his family. When the Syndicate appears to ask a little too firmly for his assistance recovering an artifact from the Badlands, he decides to bring the entire clan rather than be separated from them. Eldon is skeptical of his stories about The Sentience, but young Hayley seems to feel the demon’s presence.

Katya has emigrated to the UCF and tentatively entertains the hope that she may be free of her former corporate masters. With an unusual roommate to look after, an eight-year-old girl who’s been alive for twenty years, she decides to try for a normal life. Alas, her skill set seems suited for a particular line of work, and a seemingly easy data acquisition job gets complicated.

Masaru has returned to Japan, drawn back into the life of a CEOs middle son. The expected boredom of his first official duty as a representative of Kurotai Electronics takes a dangerous turn, and he finds himself questioning not only what he wants out of life, but his entire nation.

I’ve also completed the first draft of Emma and the Silverbell Faeries, the third book in the Tales of Widowswood series. In this book, Emma answers a plea from a faerie, and unwittingly travels through a fey circle into another world to protect them against mystically enraged animals that seem bent on destroying the Silverbells to the last faerie.

Event! – I will be at the Collingswood Book Festival tomorrow, Saturday 10/1/16. I’m looking forward to meeting readers and signing books.

More details here: http://www.collingswoodbookfestival.com/

I’d also like to thank everyone who has recently posted a review of Chiaroscuro – The Mouse and the Candle, The Hand of Raziel, or Nine Candles of Deepest Black. I still have some review copies available (including older titles). If interested, please email me at mcox 2112 @ gmail .com with a request and a link to your blog.


Happy reading!


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