Cover Reveal | Actuator 2

Book 2 in the Actuator series by James Wymore and Aiden James is coming out on July 20th. I’m pleased to be able to share the cover now!



As you can see, there’s a lot going on. The Actuator is a machine capable of altering the very fabric of reality, creating pockets of “real” genre fiction. “Machine Monks”, people tasked with exploring the machine’s capabilities, create small test arenas modeled after their obsessions: fantasy, sci fi, vampires, gothic romance, noir detectives, horror… They all get to live their dreams, until a saboteur strikes and the machine remakes the entire world, setting up pockets of ‘genre fiction’ all over. Innocent people are turned into monsters. A handful of the former secret group are the only ones who know what happened–and not all of them want to ‘fix’ the Earth.

Book 2 picks up soon after the events of the first, as Red and the others set out to collect the remainder of the keys and shut the machine down. Their plan seems solid, until the saboteur who caused it all enacts the second phase of their plan.

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