Cover Reveal | Borderlands Anthology

Actuator 1-5 Borderlands  E-book Cover

The release date for the Borderlands Anthology is coming up fast – Sep 11 2014. I am pleased to be able to announce the cover art for a collection of short stories I was privileged to be a part of. Each story is set in the world established in The Actuator.

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The Borderlands Anthology contains:

Remembering Emily, by Sara Wolf
Stolen Orchid, by Matthew Cox
The Blackbird’s Tale, by Dan Willis
The Dream Journal of Oren Wesley, by Nathan Yocum
The Austenation, by Mara Valderran
Escape, by Patrick Burdine
The Ritual, by Whitney Trang
The Gatekeepers of Change, by James Pratt
The Ringer, by Craig Nybo
Anna and Lena, by Jason Purdy
Once Upon A Frozen North, by Jenny Persson
Halfway, by Jay Wilburn
The Search for Punarav, by Juhi
15 Seconds of Fame, by Jason A. Anderson
Forever Young, by Wil Stanton
Cult of the Actuation, by James Wymore


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