Borderlands Anthology

Stolen Orchid Titled


Awhile back, I submitted my short story Stolen Orchid to James Wymore’s Borderlands Anthology, which is set in the world established in The Actuator. It’s almost ready for release, and we are looking for early readers who would be willing to post an honest review on Amazon in exchange for an advance copy.

Anyone interested, please email me at msc (pardon the space, trying to throw off spambots) – or contact me via Facebook/Twitter. As soon as the production team is done with the e-ARC, I’ll get them out to those who are participating.

The anthology also includes shorts by: Sara Wolf, Dan Willis, Nathan Yocum, Mara Valderran, Patrick Burdine, Whitney Trang, James Pratt, Craig Nybo, Jason Purdy, Jenny Persson, Jay Wilburn, Juhi, Jason A. Anderson, Wilbert Stanton, and James Wymore.

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