Emma and the Elixir of Madness

Tales of Widowswood #4

Emma tries to balance her newfound abilities as a druid with only being ten years old. Chores and having to go inside before dark leaves only a few hours a day to save the forest―or at least her home town.

Her struggle to adapt to no longer sharing a family bed gets pushed aside when strange magic attacks the people of Widowswood Village. None of the adults seem worried, as the effects appear short-lived and whimsical. Emma does not trust it, having listened to Nan’s tales of darker faeries who aren’t as nice as the Silverbells. Convinced that someone or something wishes ill upon her home, she decides to do what the adults won’t.

In the midst of the chaos, Ambril Starling, the daughter of a wealthy local gem merchant, goes missing. Emma’s father and the entire Widowswood Watch are consumed by the effort to find the girl, who they believe taken for ransom. To make matters worse, a local boy accuses Emma of causing the girl’s disappearance using dark magic, but after the Banderwigh and the Silk Thieves, he doesn’t scare her at all―until he turns violent.

The chaotic magic escalates, affecting more and more people, and the Watch is unable to locate the gem cutter’s daughter. Emma knows everything is connected, and won’t let a cruel twelve-year-old boy stop her from protecting her home.

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