Emma and the Silk Thieves

Once again safe at home, Emma clings to the comfort of family and tries to put the fright of the Banderwigh behind her—but deeds, even good ones, often have consequences.

With a new reality of spirits and magic open to her, Emma feels a strong connection to Widowswood. She means to make good on her promise to the Spider Queen, bringing a monthly supply of silk in trade so humans cease their trespass upon the forest.

A guild of thieves infiltrates the quiet town, lured by the incredible value of enchanted spidersilk flowing so freely from the forest. At first, they don’t realize the source is a ten-year-old girl, but once they learn, they’ll do anything to control her.

Stuck between protecting her family and protecting her forest, Emma draws courage from her grandmother’s stories and makes a choice—that could cost her life.

Series: Tales of Widowswood (2)
Genre: High fantasy, middle grade
Intended audience: 8+
Available from: Amazon BNKobo OtherSigned Paperback

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