Operation Chimera



Generations of war with the savage Draxx have left humanity desperate for a way to gain the upper hand.

A chance to turn the tide in their favor is all legendary Captain Nicholas Driscoll needs to hear to lead an expedition behind enemy lines to the Chimera Nebula – a region of space so unstable it remains largely uncharted.

Lieutenant Michael Summers sees an opportunity to matter, a chance to let future generations exist in a universe without constant war. He and other brave young cadets join the Manhattan for its first dangerous mission – to penetrate the Chimera Nebula and discover what it is the Draxx are doing in there.

But first the ship and her crew will be tested by enemies on all sides.


Operation Chimera is a deep space military/adventure story I co-wrote with Tony Healey. The action takes place in two parts, some with Captain Driscoll aboard the fighter carrier Manhattan, and some with Lieutenant Summers and his group of rookie pilots. Tony pitched the idea as “Star Trek meets Wing Commander” and I couldn’t say no.




Operation Chimera


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