Lost Moon

Samantha Moon spent the past thirteen years fighting the evil trying to consume her, but at least she knew where it lurked.

With the dark masters unleashed, her life has become one of constant vigilance and sleepless nights. One upside, though: she’s on speaking terms with the sun again.

Allison’s vision of a ticking supernatural time bomb wiping out civilization sends them racing out to the Arizona desert. After hastily gathering reinforcements, they confront the harbinger of the end times before it can strike.

When the dust settles, Sam finds herself in a desolate alien wasteland, her dragon friend mortally wounded beside her and no obvious way back to her world. She needs to find a way home as well as figure out how to stop Talos from dying, but her body can only withstand the upper-dimensional energies for a few hours.

She doesn’t have time to do both.

She might not be able to do either.