Dead Moon

Samantha Moon once considered being turned into a vampire as the single greatest upheaval of her life—but she’d been wrong.

Still reeling from the aftereffects of her hunt across the higher dimensions, she hopes for a little calm before the storm to sort out exactly what she’s become, and what meaning the events of the sixth dimension have for the world at large.

The dark masters had been dangerous enough when contained, but now…

A zombie in a television show her kids love speaks to her straight out of the screen. She initially dismisses it as a trick of the mind, but when she runs into the same woman a few days later, it’s quite obvious that the dark masters aren’t sitting on their laurels.

Or are they…

Her new friend turns out to be a supernatural the world has never seen before, not for real—a zombie, or at least something similar. The young woman isn’t rotting or mindless, but no self-respecting dark master would want such a shell.

Fearing this poor woman is the spearhead of the apocalypse, Sam rushes to find the source of the infection before humanity is doomed.

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