Moon Master

a Vampire for Hire novel – with J.R. Rain

To save a child, Samantha Moon would go to the end of the Earth—even past it to alternate dimensions.

At long last, she’s learned the truth behind her vampire sire and why he turned her. But with that comes a revelation about an ancient evil that preys on innocent young witches. Turns out, Sam has a unique connection to the fiend, but it might not be enough to help her find the monster. Of course, it’s not like she doesn’t have all the time in the world…

That changes when the Red Rider abducts a ten-year-old girl, intending to devour her unusually strong magic. Sam cannot bear the thought of such a young child experiencing a death so gruesome. Her need to destroy a monster who could do such things to the innocent does something she never imagined possible… for once, she and Elizabeth will work together.

To make matters worse, the witch-hunter isn’t even on Earth. With precious little time remaining, Sam must track down a killer into worlds that stretch the imagination… worlds beyond belief and dreams.

A little girl’s life depends on it.