New Release | How Not to Summon Demons

I’m thrilled to announce the release of the sixth book in the Vampire Innocent series, How Not to Summon Demons!

As of this posting, Amazon is still in the process of processing the file. It should be available now, but depending on geographic region, there could be a small delay in it appearing.

Five months after becoming a Vampire, Sarah Wright’s unlife has gone back to relative normal—until demons start coming out of the woodwork.

Before graduating high school last June, she never imagined she’d wind up staying at home with her parents and siblings. Now, she savors every minute she has with them. Her friends juggle school and jobs, leaving precious little time to hang out with her mostly nocturnal schedule. A vampire’s hours aren’t exactly awesome for spending time with tween-age siblings either, but the family has adjusted to her undeath.

The other paranormal weirdness she seems to attract? Not so much.

When Halloween rolls around, Sarah’s all too happy to take her siblings trick-or-treating. But this year, the holiday has more than costumes and candy in store. On the night the veil between worlds is at its thinnest, a small army of demons spills forth to play havoc in Cottage Lake.

Harmless pranks soon take a malicious turn, forcing Sarah to scramble in search of where the creatures are coming from—hoping to stop them before someone ends up dead.

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