Site Update – Preview Chapters



I’ve collected the available sample chapters onto one convenient page, which is also accessible from the primary menu. (Figure that’s a bit easier than chasing down each individual book’s page to see which ones have sample chapters up right now.) I’ve also added new ones:

Prophet Chapter 2, Archon’s Queen Chapter 2, and The Summer the World Ended Chapter 1 are now readable on the site.

I’m still holding off on Division Zero 2 and 3 since even reading chapter one of these will be a spoiler to book 1 in that series. I suppose I could add a warning or spoiler alert…. Maybe I shouldn’t be the gatekeeper of reader experience, and let people who don’t care about that sort of thing merrily ruin their own fun. This is something I need to mull some more.

The preview page should see somewhat routine updates as titles age. I might even sneak some pre-release chapter ones on there as soon as covers exist. (and CQ’s attack goats aren’t on the prowl.)

Happy reading!


Edit: Okay – Considering the first chapters of Division Zero 2 and 3 are preview-able on Amazon already, I decided to put them up here as well. Spoil at thine own risk.

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