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This coming Monday, 6/29, my second foray into the world of young adult writing is coming out. The Summer the World Ended is an emotional rollercoaster ride. Fourteen year old Riley McCullough has been looking forward to the “most epic summer ever” between eighth grade and high school. An introvert by nature, she was eager to spend countless hours online with her best (and only) friend Amber Nelson, playing video games into the wee hours.

Amber’s parents surprise her with a surprise Mexico vacation as a graduation present, throwing a wet blanket of suck over Riley’s first two weeks of freedom. From there, things only get worse, and soon she’s on the other side of the country with a father she hadn’t seen since she was eight.

Of course, trying to fit in to a new town, adjust to the new routine of living with dad, and being thousands of miles away from anything familiar all seems trivial when the world plunges into nuclear war.

Please join me on Facebook Monday for a release party –

Prizes include:

2 signed paperbacks of The Summer the World Ended
3 ebooks (winner’s choice) from my released titles.
2 $10 Amazon gift cards
1 The Summer the World Ended 24×36 poster (signed if desired)
(As yet undetermined cool trinkets made by Justplummy Swagit)

Other ebook prizes:

The Curse Merchant – by JP Sloan
The Curse Servant – by JP Sloan
Fairy Keeper – by Amy Rhoades Bearce
Catch Me When I Fall – by Vicki Leigh
Night of Pan – by Gail Strickland
How to Date Dead Guys – by Ann Noser
Exacting Essence – by James Wymore
The Undead – by Elsie Elmore
The Black Oracle – by Michael Cristiano

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