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Titles by publication date

TitleSeriesNumberWordcountPub Date
Division ZeroDivision Zero1119,3093/5/2014
Virtual ImmortalityVirtual Immortality1211,3865/13/2014
Caller 107n/a165,7487/21/2014
Lex De MortuisDivision Zero2122,8149/7/2014
Operation Chimeran/a142,18010/20/2014
ThrallDivision Zero3157,3023/29/2015
Prophet of the BadlandsAwakened1148,9924/26/2015
The Summer The World Endedn/a192,5086/28/2015
Archon’s QueenAwakened2126,8558/9/2015
Emma and the BanderwighTales of Widowswood159,41010/11/2015
Grey RoninAwakened3114,1215/21/2016
Chiaroscuro: The Mouse and the Candlen/a1100,7417/18/2016
Hand of RazielDaughter of Mars1144,8768/7/2016
Nine Candles of Deepest Blackn/a1109,0459/14/2016
The Far Side of Promisen/a1108,50011/13/2016
One More RunRoadhouse Chronicles1136,29112/4/2016
Emma and the Silk ThievesTales of Widowswood273,2701/2/2017
Daughter of AshAwakened4118,1253/6/2017
GuardianDivision Zero4169,5725/14/2017
The Dysfunctional Conspiracyn/a1110,9427/27/2017
Winter Solstice: Convergence (with JR Rain)Winter Solstice162,9867/31/2017
The Eldritch HeartEldritch Heart1146,3888/1/2017
Nascent ShadowTemporal Armistice161,6218/31/2017
AraphelDaughter of Mars2120,4969/14/2017
New Moon Rising (with JR Rain)Moon Origins162,5859/25/2017
Heir AscendantFaded Skies1131,63210/5/2017
Silver Light (with JR Rain)Alexis Silver165,09010/25/2017
Winter Solstice: Containment (with JR Rain)Winter Solstice272,46211/13/2017
The Devil’s Eye (with JR Rain)Maddy Wimsey162,27011/27/2017
The RedeemedRoadhouse Chronicles2132,28912/19/2017
The Shadow CollectorTemporal Armistice260,28312/19/2017
Moon Mourning (with JR Rain)Moon Origins273,9411/7/2018
Zero RogueAwakened5109,4281/30/2018
The Harmony ParadoxVirtual Immortality2234,0582/6/2018
The Forest Beyond the Earthn/a1108,8612/6/2018
Emma and the Silverbell FaeriesTales of Widowswood366,9742/13/2018
A Nighttime of ForeverVampire Innocent166,5742/20/2018
Wayfarer: AV494n/a1102,0793/8/2018
Axillon 99n/a1128,3623/12/2018
The Drifting Gloom (with JR Rain)Maddy Wimsey272,9303/27/2018
Sophie’s Light (Novella)n/a123,0644/7/2018
A Beginner’s Guide to FangsVampire Innocent290,7704/15/2018
Divergent Fates Anthologyn/a142,6745/15/2018
The Menagerie of Jenkins Baileyn/a192,6175/18/2018
Ghost BlackDaughter of Mars3111,5085/22/2018
Citadel: The Concordant Sequencen/a1130,3366/5/2018
The Artist of RuinVampire Innocent387,8866/13/2018
Blood Moon (with JR Rain)Samantha Moon Case Files251,0006/30/2018
Ascendant UnrestFaded Skies2106,2807/24/2018
The Last Family Road TripVampire Innocent464,8038/5/2018
Out of SightProgenitor1111,0298/13/2018
The Cursed Codexn/a187,7788/17/2018
Deep Silver (with JR Rain)Alexis Silver256,1398/26/2018
Dead Man’s NumberRoadhouse Chronicles3140,5929/18/2018
The Gate to OblivionTemporal Armistice361,11510/28/2018
Catalyst (with JR Rain)Winter Solstice378,71011/7/2018
Emma and the Elixir of MadnessTales of Widowswood495,08411/17/2018
HarbingerDivision Zero5100,25311/19/2018
The Phantom OracleVampire Innocent588,50111/29/2018
The Cursed CrownEldritch Heart2115,7741/12/2019
Moon Master (with JR Rain)Vampire For Hire1550,2591/16/2019
The Spirits of Six Minstrel Runn/a1104,0511/20/2019
Angel DescendedAwakened6197,9671/31/2019
Broken Ice (with JR Rain)Immortal Operative158,2252/4/2019
Silver QuarrelAlexis Silver354,5283/5/2019
The World That RemainsEvergreen2104,0003/15/2019
How Not to Summon DemonsVampire Innocent673,1463/17/2019
Emma and the Weeping SpiritTales of Widowswood576,0483/22/2019
The Elementalist (with J.R. Rain)Four Elements151,4353/24/2019
Dead Moon (with JR Rain)Samantha Moon Case Files362,6844/16/2019
The Lucky OnesEvergreen380,2825/13/2019
My Dad is a Mad ScientistThe Adventures of Ubergirl196,4245/24/2019
Dark Mercy (with J.R. Rain)Maddy Wimsey350,8205/29/2019
Ordinary Problems of a College VampireVampire Innocent796,1366/16/2019
Haunted Moon (with J.R. Rain)Samantha Moon Origins365,4607/11/2019
Prophet’s JourneyProphet of the Badlands1124,7238/19/2019
Of Myth and Shadown/a1411,7668/22/2019
Ascendant RevolutionFaded Skies3101,8728/29/2019
A Vampire’s Guide to Surviving HolidaysVampire Innocent885,6409/24/2019
Lost Moon (with J.R. Rain)Vampire For Hire1868,6349/26/2019
Aliens ate my HomeworkThe Adventures of Ubergirl2101,19010/8/2019
Nuclear SummerEvergreen490,17010/11/2019
The Black RoseFour Elements248,87310/15/2019
The Girl Who Found the Sunn/a1131,71712/8/2019
The Wakefield CurseFour Elements351,58212/11/2019
An Introduction to Paranormal DiplomacyVampire Innocent9107,9191/11/2020
The End of All HalloweensThe Adventures of Ubergirl368,5683/17/2020
The Shadow FixerDivision Zero6126,7363/22/2020
Vampire DestinyVampire For Hire1961,2754/8/2020
A Vampire’s Guide to AdultingVampire Innocent1099,0834/21/2020
CatacombsWinter Solstice463,9475/21/2020
Infinite MoonVampire For Hire2052,4426/20/2020
The Nuclear FrontierEvergreen583,6297/12/2020
Silver CrucibleAlexis Silver468,4987/22/2020
Six Easy Steps to Prevent a Vampire WarVampire Innocent1197,8798/1/2020
Vampire EmpressVampire For Hire2153,6178/26/2020
Elder HorrorDOATF116,2979/26/2020
The Sapphire SoulEldritch Heart3134,97310/8/2020
Ancient Vampire Death Cults and Other AnnoyancesVampire Innocent1297,10510/11/2020
The Witch and the HangmanWitches554,51210/16/2020
The Hag of Barrow FallsDOATF217,81610/24/2020
Out of MindProgenitor287,16110/27/2020
Dr. Infinity and the Soul SmasherThe Adventures of Ubergirl457,60012/7/2020
Babysitter’s NightmareDOATF320,0581/21/2021
Hunting Vampires for Fun and ProfitVampire Innocent13110,9662/15/2021
Broken Wing (With J.R. Rain)Immortal Operative264,2603/25/2021
The World We MakeEvergreen60TBD

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