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Sarah Wright has experienced no shortage of stressful situations since becoming a vampire, but she’s about to face the most terrifying one yet—being the adult in the room.

Nine months into undeath, Sarah’s found her stride. She’s comfortable in her fangs, managing family and school, and relatively content. Treating her parents to a weeklong vacation in Iceland sounded like an awesome idea back in December, but the reality of being responsible for her siblings while they’re away is terrifying. She’d be less afraid of a twelve-foot-tall troll.

Wait… only a dream. Magic portals aren’t real. Right?

The first few days playing mom give her weak hope she might not screw things up too bad. All seems manageable until the local vampires come calling. Her probationary period is over. Time to become official. Arthur Wolent couldn’t have picked a worse time to send her on an errand.

It’s only a simple delivery—to Southern California—while her siblings are home without parents. What could go wrong?

Kirsten Wren’s job has gone back to normal—ghosts are killing people again.

After twenty-three rough years, Fate seems to be giving her a break. Her adopted son is happy. The new—well, first—boyfriend is doing everything right… and she hasn’t seen a single demon in a few months. In 2419, West City is a violent place filled with poverty, overcrowding, and augmented cyber-gangs. No surprise vengeful spirits are everywhere.

Compared to creatures of the Abyss, however, angry ghosts are like old friends.

An unusual spike in hostile manifestations suggests something out there is stirring up spirits. Initially benign events rapidly become deadly. As the only Astral Sensitive the National Police Force has on the West Coast, Kirsten might be in over her head.

The incidents continue at an overwhelming pace. Responding to so many hauntings leaves little time to find the cause of the ghosts’ agitation, but if she doesn’t do something soon… the city will descend into spectral chaos.

Nine-year-old Kelly Donovan helped save the world from aliens, but now she has an even bigger problem—someone’s trying to ruin Halloween.

Life is difficult for the world’s tiniest superhero. Her genius plan to save her parents from supervillainy in one easy step proved impossible… at least not without destroying the Earth. Superpowers, good or bad, aren’t going away any time soon. Mom’s as likely to hug her as trick her into a ridiculous trap, but at least her dad’s mellowed out a bit. Lately, he seems focused more on being weird than evil.

Small favors.

Kelly’s looking forward to the happy normal of trick-or-treating… until candy starts disappearing. Convinced a mysterious supervillain is responsible, she and her best—only—friend Paige rush to stop all the sweets in the world from evaporating. Alas, with only a week left and zero clues, humanity will likely suffer an even worse fate than enslavement by an alien race: the end of all Halloweens.

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1/26/2020 – First draft of The Queen of Discord is done (Temporal Armistice 4)

12/15/2019 – Sorry again for the gap. More hectic schedule. Wakefield Curse is out, as is The Girl Who Found the Sun. Started writing the third Ubergirl book, The End of All Halloweens.

10/1/2019 – Pardon the gap in updates. Been going nuts with multiple projects. Lost Moon is out, books 2 and 3 of the Four Elements series with J.R. Rain are in edits, wrote and released the 8th Vampire Innocent book, and I’m roughly halfway through the first draft of Evergreen 4 (working title Nuclear Summer)

8/21/2019 – Of Myth and Shadow is live on Kindle!

8/19/2019 – Pardon the long silence. I’ve been buried under a massive project (Of Myth and Shadow) which is nearing readiness. Today is the release (finally) for Prophet’s Journey!

[6/11/2019] – Haunted Moon is well underway into the editing process. Should have a cover for Vampire Innocent 7 soon!

[5/13/2019] – The Lucky Ones (Evergreen 3) is live!

[5/8/2019] – Evergreen 3 – The Lucky Ones – is on the way to the editor. The Adventures of Ubergirl #1 – My Dad is a Mad Scientist is ready to go… just waiting on cover art. Heir Ascendant (Faded Skies #1) has a new cover!

[4/7/2019] – Started drafting The Adventures of Ubergirl #1

[4/6/2019] – Prophet’s Journey sent to editor.

[4/3/19] – Prophet’s Journey first draft complete.

[3/26/19] – Started writing Prophet’s Journey.

[3/4/19] – Pardon the quiet. Been super busy again. Lots going on. Alex Silver 3, a sequel to Evergreen, another Vampire Innocent, a new series (The Elementalist) with J.R. Rain, and other stuff in the works.

[1/20/19] – Six Minstrel Run is live!

[1/14/19] – The Spirits of Six Minstrel Run is with the editor.

[1/11/19] – The Cursed Crown is now live!

[1/11/19] – The Spirits of Six Minstrel Run – finished first draft

[1/1/19] – Started writing The Spirits of Six Minstrel run

[Nov/Dec] – Bunch of stuff happened. Apologies for lack of updates. Too focused on writing/editing.

[10/29/18] – The Phantom Oracle is out. Outline for the Evergreen novel is complete. Harbinger is released. Emma and the Elixir of Madness is out.

[9/19/18] – Ascendant Revolution final edit finished.

[9/16/18] – First draft of The Cursed Crown is done.

[9/11/18] – Started drafting on The Cursed Crown.

[8/17/18] – The Cursed Codex is live!

[8/14/18] – Deep Silver (Alexis Silver #2) is in edits!

[8/13/18] – Out of Sight release!

[8/5/18] – The Last Family Road Trip (Vampire Innocent 4) release!

[7/24/18] – Ascendant Unrest releases!

[7/23/18] – Started working on Vampire Innocent #4 – The Last Family Road Trip

[6/26/18] – Title changes! Faded Skies 2 (formerly Ascendant Revolution) is now Ascendant Unrest. The third book in the series is going to use the title Ascendant Revolution.

[6/24/2018] – Faded Skies 3 is with beta readers!

[6/9/2018] – started writing book 3 of the Faded Skies series.

[6/4/2018] – Vampire Innocent #3 – The Artist of Ruin – is off to beta readers.

[6/3/2018] – Caller 107 Second Edition is on its way to release!

[6/2/2018] – Ascendant Revolution is done with proofreading.

[6/1/2018] – The Eldritch Heart second edition is out!

[4/16/2018] – Citadel: The Concordant Sequence is back from the publisher’s editor!

[4/15/2018] A Beginner’s Guide to Fangs is out!

[4/3/18] – Out of Sight is finished and with beta readers. The Drifting Gloom is released!

[3/26/18] – Working on the Out of Sight novel, The Drifting Gloom (Maddy Wimsey 2) is getting close to release – with the editor now – and Sophie’s Light novella is shaping up 🙂

[3/18/18] – The first draft of A Beginner’s Guide to Fangs is complete at 85k words.

[3/12/2018] – Axillon99 is live!

[3/9/18] – Starting work on A Beginner’s Guide to Fangs – Vampire Innocent #2.

[3/8/18] – Wayfarer: AV494 goes live!

[2/13/18] – Working with J.R. Rain on The Drifting Gloom – the second Maddy Wimsey novel. Also, Emma and the Silverbell Faeries is live!

{2/6/18] – Sorry for not updating this more frequently, but I’ve been extremely busy as of late. Working on the sequel to The Devil’s Eye with JR Rain (The Drifting Gloom). The Harmony Paradox releases today. Gathering cover art and interior art for The Forest Beyond the Earth. Covers for A Nighttime of Forever as well.

[1/8/18] – Moon Mourning (Samantha Moon Origins #2, with J.R. Rain) Releases on Kindle!

[1/7/17] – The Forest Beyond the Earth is with the proofreader!

[12/23/17] – Started working on a new post-apoc MG – The Forest Beyond the Earth

[12/19/17] – Two releases today! The Shadow Collector and The Redeemed!

[12/17/17] – Almost done working on another project with J.R. Rain – Axillon99

[11/29/17] – The Shadow Collector is back from the proofreader.

[11/28/17] – The Devil’s Eye releases!

[11/13/17] – Containment (Winter Solstice book 2) releases!

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