The Wakefield Curse

Four Elements #3 – With J.R. Rain

As a private investigator in Shadow Pines, Max Long had no shortage of missing person cases. Unfortunately, they all ended the same way—with dead bodies.

Whenever someone vanished, the official cause always said the same thing: animal attack. Shadow Pines bristled with paranormal rumors and wild conspiracy theories. However, the truth passed among residents in wordless stares or cryptic remarks that made sense only to those who knew what really happened: vampires made the scenic mountain town their personal feeding ground.

Nature abhorred a vacuum, but it also sought balance.

When someone dear to Max becomes a missing person case, he faces the most harrowing truth of his life: Nature gave him the powers of the elements for a reason. Starting a war with vampires could cost him more than his life, but he’s the town’s only chance at survival.

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