The Queen of Discord

Brooklyn Amari exists to destroy the world—but she doesn’t want to.

It’s not every day a person finds out their father is an ancient demon, two powerful armies expect her to end creation, and everything people think about celestial beings is completely wrong. Such news would break most people. Fortunately, Brooklyn’s tough. She’s also kinda lazy, which works, since saving the world requires she do nothing at all.

Good chance her life has gone off the rails when giant lightning-spitting birds are the least of her problems. Her friend is in deadly trouble with a gang and the warmongers hatch a devious new plan to destroy the Armistice—a.k.a the world—without her.

Sitting on her ass ignoring everything won’t cut it anymore.

Worse, she can’t stop thinking about the eco-terrorist mage attacking industrial sites across the country. Chasing people down is totally not in her job description as a firefighter, but such a strong psychic fixation is a big red flag. If Brooklyn’s limp excuse for a conscience doesn’t wake up, something bad is going to happen… probably to a bunch of innocent people who don’t deserve it.

Series: Temporal Armistice (4)
Genre: Urban fantasy, magic, paranormal
Intended audience: 16+
Available from: Amazon Signed Paperback

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