The Harmony Paradox

Lieutenant Nina Duchenne has almost come to terms with her life―but isn’t sure she still has one.

Eighteen months ago, she awoke as a doll, a living brain inside a military-grade artificial body. She looks human in every way on the outside, but dreads the thought of what lies beneath her skin. Her role as a field agent for Division 9 has exposed her to depravity unlike anything she thought possible. Building darkness clings to her heart, until a tiny orphan girl reminds her that more than a body defines humanity.

A new case falls in Nina’s lap when electronic evidence links Harmony, a fast-spreading new recreational drug, to a foreign government. She hopes for a nice ‘normal’ investigation that won’t blacken another slice of her soul. The straightforward case turns into a balancing act as she exposes an infestation of enemy agents within West City.

If the spies see her coming or if she takes too long finding them all, a drug meant to provide peace of mind may bring about the downfall of society.

Series: Virtual Immortality (2)
Genre: DF Universe, cyberpunk, dystopian
Intended audience: 18+
Available from: Amazon Signed Paperback

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