Eldritch Heart Series

Princess Oona has grown up with everything she ever wanted… except the girl she loves.

The Kingdom of Lucernia is stuck in a costly twenty-year war with the savage nation of Evermoor to the east. Ancient seers have foretold the heir of King Talomir will bring an end to the war, but Oona cannot see herself laying waste to an entire people.

Not only are her magical powers too weak, doing such a thing would offend the god Lucen more than the “impure” love she has for another girl. Certainly, the temple has misinterpreted the teachings of purity. How could the gods condemn something as pure as the love she has for Kitlyn, a mere servant.

War, forbidden love, annoying prophecies, and an entire nation wanting her dead… it’s all a bit much for a somewhat spoiled sixteen-year-old to handle.

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