Diary of a Teenage Fey

An urban fantasy short story series

Humans are weird.

Wren never intended to end up living among them, but her life kinda got crazy when her parents died.

Wood Faerie defend Gaia from all manner of Darklings trying to destroy her. Few humans realize how close evil lurks. For generations, Wren’s family has hunted abominations wherever they appeared.

At fourteen, she’s finally old enough to help. Unfortunately, her first real hunt goes as wrong as possible. Mortal authorities find her dazed and alone, mistaking her for an ordinary teenager. Pretending to be a human isn’t so bad. They have weird customs, but it’s nice to kinda have a mom and dad again–plus an unlikely friend. On a whim, she decides to stay.

#1 – Elder Horror – Wren has barely recovered from her injuries when her former teacher makes her aware of an abomination nearby. She might be an untested rookie, but she’s the only faerie close enough to confront the elder horror before it becomes unstoppable.

#2 – The Hag of Barrow Falls – Wren is starting to get comfortable in her strange new life of high school, friends, and trying to human properly. Alas, the darklings refuse to chill and let her have fun. Upon learning a hag has stolen nine innocents, Wren and her BFF Katie race into the woods. They have precious little time to help before the children’s souls are lost.

#3 – Babysitter’s Nightmare – Sometimes, merely trying to get your homework done turns into a life or death situation. Wren’s faerie nature makes her adoptive parents think she’s too immature to take care of her little brother alone, so the next-door neighbor girl is there to watch them. Unfortunately, being bossy doesn’t help at all when darklings lure little Cameron off into the woods.

Series: Diary of a Teenage Fey
Genre: Urban fantasy, young adult, adventure
Intended audience: 13+
Available from: Amazon

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