Alexis Silver series

Alexis Silver is a mermaid.

She doesn’t spend her days sitting on rocks trying to lure sailors to their deaths―that’s so last century.

Not to mention, she doesn’t have a taste for humans. They’re like liver and onions―a meal of absolute last resort.

Like most supernatural creatures, her gift came at a price. Within her resides a Dark Master, the disembodied soul of an ancient sorceress who refused to die peacefully. In an unusual twist, they’ve become close friends. Then again, sharing one’s head with a roommate you can’t stand for over a century would lead to madness.

Chasing the adventurous life denied her as a mortal, Alexis helps people as a private investigator in the Pacific Northwest, using her considerable talents, both natural and supernatural.

Silver Light

Deep Silver

Silver Quarrel

Silver Crucible

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