Zero Rogue

Division Zero Officer Aaron Pryce understood any day on the job could be the last for him or his wife, but he never imagined he’d be the one to kill her.

Telekinesis, as it turned out, was frowned upon in the world of professional sports. His wife was the one good thing to happen to him after a “career ending injury” sent him to West City. Two years on the force was a drastic change of lifestyle for a once-famous Frictionless player, but she made his exile worth it.

During a routine interdiction call, they corner a psionic woman in the middle of a robbery. With nowhere to run, she compels Aaron to shoot his partner. Despite his love for his wife, he loses an agonizing battle of wills, shattering his mind as well as his world. When he wakes, the store is gone; in its place lies a field of debris and dead civilians―and no sign of the woman.

His telekinetic abilities have gone off the charts, and his superiors doubt his claim of compulsion. A department telepath attempts to verify his story, but triggers another backlash that causes the death of more officers, forcing Aaron to go rogue.

On the run from the law, he has one goal: to find the woman who destroyed his life―and end hers.

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Zero Rogue (The Awakened #5)

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