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Here are a collection of sample chapters from my published novels. I’ll be adding to this from time to time. Happy reading! (Note: some books may appear on this page prior to release, with their chapters going live a week or so before the release date.)

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Update 1/19/18 – Added Chapters 1-3 of The Harmony Paradox


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Adult Science Fiction (Divergent Fates setting)


Virtual Immortality



The Harmony Paradox





In 2418, the population is aware of psionics, people with the ability to affect the world around them with their minds. As humanity so often fears what it does not understand, many with gifts find themselves shunned or vilified for no reason other than ignorance. While some nations seek to exterminate anyone with mental powers, the United Coalition Front embraces them.

In order to protect society from potential crime the militarized police are ill-equipped to handle, the government has created Division 0―a special branch of law enforcement composed of psionic individuals trusted to deal with their own kind.

Born with the power of Astral Sense, Kirsten has the ability to interact with spirits and see into the world that waits beyond death. Her talent came at the meager cost of her childhood. Tortured by a devout mother who regarded her as The Devil’s work, Kirsten was faced with a horrible choice: run away from home at the age of ten, or die by her own mother’s hand. She hid from the world of the living, afraid and alone―until Division 0 took her in.

Resilient, if not bitter, twenty-two year old Agent Wren now belongs to the Investigative Operations arm of Division 0. Isolated in a city of millions, she works cases involving entities or events no one else can explain, and many (even other psionics) do not even believe.

Short Stories:

Into The Beneath – This story is a prequel set twelve years prior to the first book. As a ten-year-old, Kirsten Wren is forced to make a horrible choice: run away from home or die by her mother’s hand.

Loose Ends – This short is set after book one but before book two.


Division Zero (Book 1)




Lex De Mortuis (Book 2)




Thrall (Book 3)



Guardian (Book 4)




The world first became aware of the phenomenon of psionics in 2204 when fourteen year-old Amanda Seivert demonstrated telekinesis during a live Newsnet broadcast. Ninety years later, the “First Psionic” died a natural death after amassing a fortune by virtue of her fame.

However, not every nation welcomed this new kind of human.

In 2210, sixteen-year-old twins, Daniel and Edward Moore, of Hertfordshire UK, go public with their telepathic abilities. After a week of celebrity status, both vanish amid unexplained circumstances. The Crown refused comment.

The Allied Corporate Council denies any psionics even exist within their territory. Thirty-nine years later in 2243, ten-year-old pyrokinetic Ekaterina Myshkin is smuggled out of Europe with bullet wounds and frightening stories of murder squads hunting anyone with paranormal powers.

Now in 2418, a new breed of psionic dawns. One man’s crusade to elevate The Awakened above the rest of humanity will bring seven individuals together in a conflict for which the world is ill prepared.

Short Story

The Old City – Althea ventures outside the walls of Querq, braving the dangers of the Old City to help a boy who got hurt breaking the rules.

Prophet of the Badlands (Book 1)




Archon’s Queen (Book 2)




Grey Ronin (Book 3)



Daughter of Ash (Book 4)




Humans have killed for land since the dawn of civilization, and in 2418, the fight has moved to Mars. Colonies formed by the two greatest governments of Earth compete for space on the red planet, where borders shift with every drop of blood. Amid this war rises the Pueri Verum Martis; a secretive resistance movement that rejects both governments and seeks to define Mars as a sovereign world.

Risa Black is a true daughter of Mars―a cybernetically augmented spy, assassin, and patriot wanted as well as feared by both sides. Many soldiers facing insurmountable odds ask help from higher powers.

In her case, however, the angel speaks back.


The Hand of Raziel (Book 1)



Araphel (Book 2)



Ghost Black (Book 3)

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two



Adult Fiction


Chiaroscuro – The Mouse and the Candle



Few people recall how World War III started, but everyone remembers how it ended.


In the waning days of the last Great War, nations crumbled. Soldiers on all sides kept on for a while, until realizing they fought only out of routine. With no leadership to turn to, some officers became warlords, ruling over little fiefdoms. Most soldiers tried to go home. Former enemies sat side-by-side on any truck, bus, or car that still worked to leave the horror behind them.

But they hadn’t seen the worst of it.

From the skies came a new kind of death, indiscriminate and cruel. A wasting death that left its victims delirious as their bodies turned grey and their minds disintegrated. No one knows where it came from: alien microbes, industrial accident, weapon of war, the wrath of God… only the dead outnumber the rumors.

Years later, humanity has reestablished itself. The Citizens live safe within Sanctuary Zones, Nons cling to survival in Habitation Districts, or worse: the Wildlands. Along the eastern coast of the former US, a loose affiliation of Sanctuary Zones have formed the Eastern Commonwealth States, under the watchful eye of The Authority.

In New Baltimore, one person holds all the power: Vanessa Oman, CEO of Ascendant Pharmaceuticals. The company manufactures Xenodril―the only known cure to the ever-present threat of Fade. Cheap to produce, expensive to buy, it has propelled Ascendant to its place. They own the Authority. They own what remains of the world.

Only one thing threatens her rule: her daughter, Maya.

A nine-year-old girl.

Heir Ascendant (Book 1)




Civilization came to an abrupt and fiery end in August of 2021.

A primitive version of humanity crawled from the ashes decades later, re-establishing itself into a network of isolated settlements and camps. The future couldn’t be called bright, but at least people believed they had one―until The Virus started turning survivors into mindless killing machines thirty-five years after the bombs stopped falling.

Now, in 2073, the Roadhouse has established a sense of order among the various settlements, marauders, and the few poor bastards trying to survive on their own. Few have the guts to break The Code, or interfere with the men and women who’ve managed to cobble together working vehicles to drive under a Roadhouse banner.

But not all who sit behind the wheel are happy ducking bullets to move someone else’s worthless crap from town to town. Men like Kevin want more from life. He has dreams. He wants a Roadhouse of his own. He doesn’t care about anything else until he finds a conscience.

A conscience with bright blue eyes and snow white hair.


One More Run (Book 1)



The Redeemed (Book 2)



Dead Man’s Number (Book 3)

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two
  • Chapter Three



For untold millennia, a war raged between the impulsive and vengeful Shaar’Nath and the beautiful but self-righteous Elestari. Each believed the other undeserving of existence, and neither would accept defeat. The realms lent power to their denizens, pushing the bulk of the conflict to the border, lest one army seize advantage.

Eons of stalemate brought both sides to the brink of annihilation. Their situation dire, mortal enemies worked together to create the Armistice, a planar barrier between the realms, that prevented extinction.

But something unforeseen occurred―life.

In the ages the Armistice went ignored by its creators, the fusion of Elestari and Shaar’Nath magic eventually produced humans. Alas, the warmongers have again become thirsty for conflict, and the Armistice is in the way.

Brooklyn Amari grew up poor, never knowing her father. After mysteriously surviving a blaze that should’ve killed her at twelve, a constant pull to the conflagration has led her to become a firefighter. A second brush with death reveals the truth: she’s not completely human. In fact, Brooklyn’s pretty sure she’s a demon.

She’s also the key to destroying the Armistice, and taking every human along with it.

Nascent Shadow (Book 1)



The Shadow Collector (Book 2)




Young Adult



Caller 107

Note: This book contains real language and some mature themes. If swear words bother you, consider yourself warned.


The Summer the World Ended




Nine Candles of Deepest Black



The Eldritch Heart




Middle Grade







The village of Widowswood sits nestled against the forest that shares its name, a forest teeming with magic, faeries, and restless souls.

Young Emma has spent much of her life unwilling to believe in magic, faeries, or even goblins. When darkness emerges from the forest and threatens her family, Emma discovers her connection to Ylithir the Wolf Spirit and embarks upon her journey to become a druidess.

Emma and the Banderwigh (Book 1)




Emma and the Silk Thieves (Book 2)



Emma and the Silverbell Faeries (Book 3)

  • Chapter One
  • Chapter Two