Nine Candles of Deepest Black


She saw it coming. She knew it would happen―but no one believed her.

Almost a year after tragedy shattered her family, sixteen-year-old Paige Thomas can’t break free from her guilt. Her mother ignores her, doting on her annoying little sister, while her father is a barely-functioning shell. He hopes a move to the quiet little town of Shadesboro PA will help them heal, but Paige doesn’t believe in happiness anymore.

On her first day at school, a chance encounter with a bullied eighth grader reawakens a gift Paige had forgotten, and ingratiates her into a pack of local outcasts. For weeks, they’ve been trying to cast a ritual to fulfill their innermost desires, but all they’ve done is waste time. After witnessing Paige touch the Ouija board and trigger a paranormal event, the girls are convinced another try with their new fifth member will finally work.

Once the darkness is unleashed, it’s not long before they learn it will give them exactly what they asked for―whether they want it or not.

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As part of the Nine Candles blog tour, I was asked to put together a playlist for the book. Here it is:

Chapter 1 – The Pleasure of Existing | Dream Theater – Wither
Chapter 3 – Magic Number | Sisters of Mercy – Lucretia My Reflection
Chapter 4 – Warm Up | Adrian Von Ziegler – Witch Factory
Chatper 5 – Middle Daughter | Peter Murphy – Cuts You Up
Chapter 7 – Penalty Play | Taylor Swift – Out of the Woods
Chapter 8 – Five, Nine, and One | Adrian Von Ziegler – Ceremonial Spell
Chapter 10 – Too Quiet | Adrian Von Ziegler – Blackened Roots
Chapter 11 – A Night Disquiet | Avenged Sevenfold – Nightmare
Chapter 12 – When a Secret Falls | Bevin Hamilton – Secrets
Chapter 14 – Feeding the Darkness | Metallica – Ronnie
Chapter 16 – Can’t Let Go | Disturbed – The Sound of Silence
Chapter 19 – Covenant | Adrian Von Ziegler – Oath
Chapter 22 – Unburdened | Disturbed – Into the Fire
Chapter 25 – Too Late | Adrian Von Ziegler – Powerless
Chapter 28 – Clique Clique Boom | Beseech – Devil’s Plaything
Chapter 29 – Promise Broken | Type O Negative – Everything Dies
Chapter 30 – The Wrathful Dark | The Cure – Burn
Chapter 32 – Dead Inside | Adrian Von Ziegler – Blood Night
Chapter 33 – The Tenth Candle | Adrian Von Ziegler – Into the Shadow Realm
Chapter 34 – Into the Arms of Regret | Evanescence – Going Under
Chapter 35 – The Sundered Portal | Metallica – Fade to Black
Chapter 38 – Moving On | The Unquiet Grave – Breathing Liquid Breath

Mood music: (I listened to this while editing.)

Nine Candles of Deepest Black