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If you would like to order a signed physical copy of any of my books, please contact me at mcox2112 @ gmail com with the requested titles. Please note these are trade paperbacks (higher quality).

Shipping tends to be about $3 for a single book.

Book Price
~ Division Zero Series ~
Division Zero 1 * $10
Division Zero: Lex De Mortuis $10
Division Zero: Thrall $15
Division Zero: Guardian Unavailable

~ Awakened Series ~

Prophet of the Badlands $10
Archon’s Queen $10
Grey Ronin $10
Daughter of Ash $10
Zero Rogue Unavailable
Angel Descended Unavailable

~ Standalone Novels ~

Virtual Immortality – Hardcover $20
Caller 107 $10
The Summer the World Ended $10
Operation Chimera $10
Actuator 1.5 $10
Chronology (Anthology) $20
Chiaroscuro: Forsaken of Heaven $10
Nine Candles of Deepest Black $10
The Far Side of Promise (Anthology) Unavailable
The Eldritch Heart $15

~ Daughter of Mars Series ~

The Hand of Raziel $10
Araphel $10
Ghost Black Unavailable

~ Roadhouse Chronicles Series ~

One More Run $10
The Redeemed Unavailable
Dead Man’s Number Unavailable
~ Tales of Widowswood Series ~
Emma and the Banderwigh $10
Emma and the Silk Thieves $10
Emma and the Silverbell Faeries Unavailable
~ Faded Skies Series ~
Heir Ascendant $15
Ascendant Revolution Unavailable
~ Winter Solstice Series ~
Convergence $10
Containment Unavailable
~ Temporal Armistice Series ~
Nascent Shadow $10 (out of stock)
The Shadow Collector Unavailable


*Note –perf6.000x9.000.indd I still have a few copies left of the original (no longer available) cover for Division Zero 1


3 thoughts on “Order Paperbacks

  1. I would loved a signed copy of Emma and the Banderwigh. Just let me know how to send you the money 🙂

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